Thursday, May 10, 2007

Palm LifeDrive

I've been a Palm user since day one, had a Pilot, an m500, and now a LifeDrive. The LifeDrive is "dated" with it meager 4GB hard drive, but I can't find a better gadget that will sync my calendar, address book, and ... PC files, all at once.

WVU uses GroupWise, which is a decent application if it weren't for the fact that nobody supports it--I fantasize about WVU switching to Outlook. So, I have to use Intellisync to sync GW with the LifeDrive. What a pain! You MUST shut down GW before synchronizing or be absolutely careful not to use GW at all while the sync is going on; otherwise your are toasted.

The LifeDrive syncs my My Documents directory every time and I can access my files on any PC anywhere in the world, no need for an internet connection, a RIM network, nothing; the LifeDrive acts as a USB drive.

However, after using it for about 6 months I have decided to toss the PalmDrive in the garbage can and go back to my m500. The PalmDrive is just too unreliable.

Don't you even try TomTom's navigation software. It does not releases the memory when you are done using it, so next time you want to use it, you have to rebook the PalmDrive. What a waste. On top if that, the PalmDrive will freeze when you are in the worst of traffic. A disaster.

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