Sunday, January 20, 2008

WYSWYG Tables in LaTeX
To enter a Table in Latex,
create it in MSWord,
convert Table to Text using "&" as separator,
copy paste it into WinEdt or your favority LaTeX editor,
add "\\" at the end of each line,
add the heading:
[c]{|l|c|c|c|c|}% adjust to accomodate the number of columns in your table
%your table goes here
add the ending:
If you want landscape, include this in the preface
and surround your table with this:
% your table goes here
Save your MSWord file. Your table will be saved as text with "&" separators. When you want to edit the Table, simply convert it back to table format (using "&" as separator), edit the table nicely in MSWord, then repeat the process.

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