Saturday, March 01, 2008

How to install LaTex on a WIN or VISTA machine

1- install MikTeX
This is the LaTeX compiler, which has to be installed first, so when you install the editor next, it will automatically recognize the compiler.

2- install WINEDT 5.5
(It is shareware but the modest cost is absolutely worthwhile.)
The 1st time you launch WINEDT a configuration wizard appears. Click OK. Then go to Options, Appearance, GUI, and check Show GUI page controls.

To view EPS figures you need to install the following free software:

3- install Ghostscript 8.61 or newer

4- install GSView 4.9 or newer
(It is shareware but the modest cost is absolutely worthwhile.)

5- You can draw plots with Excel, SigmaPlot, Origin, or whatever you want, but for sketches you need a serious tool, and I can't recommend anything but Corel Draw. If I had a $ for each hour I wasted drawing with PowerPoint, I would be a rich.

In LaTeX you can include figures of two types, encapsulated postscript (EPS) or portable document format (PDF) depending on what type of final typesetter format you want to produce. While PDF is popular with WIN users, commercial publishers use postscript printers (PS). If you include EPS figures, you can produce both PS and PDF final output, but if you include PDF figures, you can get only PDF output. I prefer to use EPS figures and get PS output. That is the way my two books were published. While you need to buy an expensive copy of Adobe Acrobat to produce PDF figures, to produce EPS figures, simply install an EPS printer; more of that below.

To include figures, see blog (eps) Figures in LaTeX

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