Friday, August 29, 2008

Predictive Models for Fabric and Fabric-Reinforced Composites

In light of you expertise, interest, and reputation in the field of textiles and textile-reinforced materials, I wish to invite you to present your work at the SAMPE '09 ISSE Conference, Baltimore, MD, May 18-21, 2009

Session Abstract: Novel contributions are sought on models to predict physical properties (mechanical and other) of dry fabrics, coated fabrics, and fabric-reinforced composites. Fabrics include plain weave, twill, satin and others made of any type of fiber with practical application. Physical/mechanical modeling of filament, multifilament, strand, tow, roving, and other multifilament arrangements used in practice are welcomed. Physical/mechanical modeling of weaving, brading, stitching and other technologies used in practice are welcomed. Contributions about modeling of other related aspects will be considered. Other sessions/topics can be found in the conference website.

Website for submitting the abstract (

Abstract deadline is September 15 (there will be an extension but early submittal is very much appreciated!).

Identify me by name as the "person requesting the abstract" on the form at the website.

I look forward to your contribution.

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