Sunday, November 30, 2008

My wine list

I tryed to keep empty bottles of wines I like but my wife keeps throwing them away when she does comprehensive house cleaup, so I had to start this list.


1- Marques de Riscal, El Ciego (Alaga), Spain, 2003, very smooth red wine, it's oak aroma makes you think you are drinking out of the case at the wineyard in Spain, it's alcohol does not make you drunk as easily, wonderful wine. It was a gift from Norbert B. from Catalunya. How am I going to find another bottle?

Red Zinfandel
1- Pato Wineyard, CA (USA), terrific wine. Note that I don't like white zinfandel, with it's fruity wine cooler taste and aftertaste. But this light red zinfandel ist marvelous. Someone dropped this bottle at a party at my house; who could it be? I need to find a case of it somewhere.

Cabernet Sauvignon

1- Marcus James, Argentina, a very inexpensive but otherwise nice merlot, superior to any mid price merlot you can find at supermarkets and such. Get it at Kroger.

1- Rosemount, Australia, 2005. Nothng else I've tryed compares. If you know something better, please let me know. Carlos D. and I drank a full bottle to drown a pair of 16 oz New York Strip steaks at the Regatta WP in Morgantown; it doesn't get any better than that. Get it at Kroger.


1- Bogle, CA (USA). Get it at Kroger.

Priorat (Catalunya, Spain)
1- Can't find the bottle.

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