Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Biclycle sizing chart

Recently I went through the process of buying a bicycle and I wanted to get exactly the right size for me. The LBS (local bicycle shops) I visited would just sell you what they had on on the floor, so I did my own research. The chart shown proved to be very good. Your jeans leg size is a good approximation for J in the chart. More accurate is to put on your biking shoes, hold a book against between your legs with the spine of the book against your crotch, and measure the distance from the spine of the book to the floor. Subtract at least 1 inch. That is your true J value. The rest is easy. The taller the bike, the more relaxed your ride, but you need an absolute minimum of 1 inch clearance. Shorter bikes give you a more aggressive, lean down ride. It's up to your taste for riding and how flexible your back is.

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