Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Traning Fall 2008

I started (totally out of shape) early September w/Adam (pers. trainer) at the WVU-SRC.
By late Dec. I got to do this, 3xweek:
5 min warm up
5 min stretching (THE bitch)
30 min weights:
Chest Flies 3x10x38lb
Biceps 3x10x38lb
Triceps 3x10x38lb
Legs hamstrings 3x10x38lb
Legs extensions 3x10x38lb
Back sited row 3x10x#6
Abs incline 3x10
Back extensions (the bitch) 3x10
Followed by 30 min of:
.2 mi walk 4mi/hr
2 mi jog 5.5 mi/hr
.3 mi cold down 4mi/hr
and 5 min more stretching.

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