Thursday, July 30, 2009

The market & health care

Theodore Dalrymple [WSJ 7/29/09, A13] is not just incomparable, he is inspiring... All the way back to Aristotle, it was recognized that men (and women to be politically correct) are concerned with three things: logos, pathos, and ethos. Logos is the driver for survival, pathos appeals to emotions (what politicians use to fool us), and ethos is essentially yearning for meaning in one's life. Also all the way back to the Greeks it was reognized that logos was essentially, and in decreasing order of importance, food (includes water), clothing, and shelter. All living organisms, e.g., a horse, needs food. Humans are not prepared for the environment, like horses are, so they need clothing, and shelter. Once you have all that, you can become preocupied for ethos. At this point people start to buy clothes that they don't need for survival but to impress others, i.e., ethos. Neither of food, clothing, or shelter are rights. Since the begining of time, man had to work hard for them. Once you have ample food, clothing, and shelter, next comes health care. The later allows us not only to survive but to survive longer and have (ethos) more fulfilling lives. So, health care is 4th in the list of needs, not rights, that include food, clothing, shelter and health care. In line with food, clothing and shelter, humans are perfectly capable of working hard and paying for health care. Next time you go buy groceries at you local supermarket, look for the aisle for health care. It is already there in the pharmacy, non-prescriptions section, and health products section. All we need to do is to replicate the outsanding success of 20th century society at feeding people. Next is making health care plentiful and affordable. How? Don't let politicians maniputate your Pathos (emotions). Let the market do it.

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