Monday, March 22, 2010

usage of hypen, en dash, and em dash

hyphen - is used to form compound words such as ``E-glass'' or ``fiber-dominated properties'' or ``fiber-reinforced composites''

en dash -- is used for ranges, such as ``pp. 46--49'' and for pairs of words such as ``stress--strain plot'' or ``Fiberglass--Polyester system'' or ``E-glass--Epoxy''

em dash --- is used for (see example below)

``E-glass fibers are processed from bulk glass---an amorphous substance fabricated from a blend of sand, limestone, and other oxidic compounds. Hence, the main chemical constituent of E-glass fibers is 46--75\% of silica ($S_iO_2$).''

Note: LaTeX typesets a hyphen with -, a en dash with --, and a em dash with ---

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