Saturday, July 24, 2010

I recommend Registrar Registry Manager Lite

Registrar Registry Manager Lite is a free utility that can be used (carefully) to edit the Windows registry.
I have a flatbed Canon scanner with a button that I set up to scan & print when I push it, basically like a Xerox copy machine. But when I installed Photoshop 5, which I then uninstall because I don't really need it, it left behind a nagging pop up window that pops when I push the button on the scanner, asking if I want to take the button push as a Canon event or a photoshop event. Well, I uninstalled photoshop! what a nuisance. I could not get rid of this until I opened the registry, made a backup of it just in case!!!, searched for "photoshop", and deleted the associated entry(ies) in the registry. That's is. Registrar Registry Manager Lite made it possible to backup the registry, search, edit, in a very convenient way. PS. You may want to clean up the registry first, with registry mechanic or something like that.

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