Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Uninstall Toolbook 10 Neuron wipes out your list of programs

If you installed CADEC 10, do not uninstall Toolbook 10 Neuron.
In Win7 32bit, an uninstall of Toolbook10 Neuron wipes out the list of programs installed; this is the list found in Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features, Uninstall or Chage a Program. The list just dissapears. Then, you will not know what programs you have installed and will not be able to uninstall them from the list. Your only solution is to use System Restore to the point when you uninstalled Neuron. This is a hassle because CADEC10 does not use Neuron.
To use System Restore, you go to Backup and Restore, Recover System Settings, Open System Restore. In our case, highlight restore point "Removed Toolbook 10 Neuron", Next. This will reinstate Neuron and your list of installed programs will be back. I recommend you restart your computer when you're done.

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