Wednesday, November 02, 2011

How to create EPS, PS, and PDF thumbnails

If you use LateX for typesetting your technical documents, chances are that you use .eps figures.

If you don't use LaTeX, you should!

Since Windows does not show thumbnails for .eps files, it is a bit annoying to locate the figures just by name. Here is the solution--you create the thumbnails using ThumbsPlus from Cerius.

Get (free) Ghostscript V9.01 or better here:
Install it
Get TP8 Pro here (order the Pro if you want the plugin to work)
Install it
Now download TP7 Pro here (free if you bought TP8)
Install TP7 Pro (this step is necessary because the plugin was written for TP7)
Get the Plug-in (EPS/PDF/PS/AI) here:
Install it
From your install location of TP7, copy the following file to the Plugins folder of your TP8 install:
Open TP8. Click menu Options. You will see "Ghostscript PS/EPS/PDF" at the end of the Options list. Click that entry and set the location of the gsdll32.dll file.
Quit TP8
Open TP8
TP8 will automatically produce thumbnails for PDF files
To create thumbnails for your EPS files, first you have to do one more step.
Locate a .eps file, right click on it, then Configure File Type, Load File Using, Cerius Plugin, plug_gs.tpp
Now hit F3. You should get the thumbnail.
Quit TP8
Open TP8
Now TP8 will automatically produce thumbnails for EPS files in any folder you visit
Also, you can go to menu, Thumbnails, Scan Tree, to scan your entire disk (it takes time)


  1. Thanks, I looked all over the web for this, even the Cerious website. One note-this does not work with the 64 bit of the Ghostscript(which is what I first tried). You need to use the 32 Bit version.

    Thanks again...I can't believe Cerious can't explain this on their website.

  2. I am glad you find this useful.