Sunday, April 29, 2012


ERRATA for Barbero, E. J. and D. H. Cortes, A Mechanistic Model for Transverse Damage Initiation, Evolution, and Stiffness Reduction in Laminated Composites, Composites Part B, Web: Oct. 8, 2009 as, print:  41(2) 124–132, March 2010.

p. 127, below (26)
where it reads:
"; and A is the crack area in the Vuc, that is 4 times the thickness of the lamina (2 faces of the crack times 2 symmetric cracking laminae)."
it should say:
"; and A is the crack area in the Vuc, that is equal to the thickness of the cracking lamina. Only one face of the center crack (that may/may not propagate between two established cracks, see Fig. 1) is counted as area because the material property used is not the Griffith's surface energy \gamma_c but the Energy Release Rate G_c=2*\gamma_c. Furthermore, according to the definition of RUC given in Sect. 2.1 (second paragraph), the volume of the RUC is Vruc=2*l*sum(tk), where 2*l is the established (converged) crack spacing, and the sum extends over the symmetric one half of the laminate only. The crack spacing used in the computation of Vruc is the value converged at the last increment of applied strain, i.e., when the internal stresses equilibrate the applied loads."

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